About My Image Compressor.

My Image Compressor is best online free image compressor tool. My Image Compressor can compress your image size without losing quality. We don't save your image because we care about your privacy. Use JPEG Optimizer to compress and reduce size of jpeg, PNG, gif, web and many other images for free

What is my image compressor?

My image compressor is free online image compressing tool. Using myimagecompressor you can compresss your JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP images without losing quality. This online image compressing website is built to protect your privacy. We don't save your image to our server. We don't even send any request to the server to save your image. We just compress your image and send it to you.

What are the use of image compressing tools?

Our original image are bigger than expected. Many server don't allow to store/upload large images for that we need to upload smaller sized image. At this time you can use myimagecompressor to compress image to 50kb,100kb,300kb and upto 800kb according to your need.

What formate image can we compress?

We can compress JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP images using myimagecompressor. Generally one can compress any kind of images.

Thank you for using my image compressor

Thank You For Using My Image Compressor

We loved you to see here using one of best jpeg compressor. We are conscious about your privacy so we never save your Photo anywhere. Promote privacy by compressing image at My image compressor.

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No limit

Our jpeg optimizer tool is absolutely free and there is no limitation for the use,no matter how many times you want to compress your selected images you can do it from my image compressor freely.

Total Free

Our jpeg compressor / optimizer tool is the best online jpeg Photo compressor available in the internet with simple design and free to use.You don't have to pay single penny for compressing any of your image(JPEG,JPG,PNG).

User Friendly

With our jpeg optimizer tool you can do the task of optimizing image within some seconds.We provide the minimalist design and great user experience in our site.


The image you uploaded here in our jpeg optimizer tool will not be saved anywhere in the server so no anyone can access your important and private photos.

Image details

You can easily see the difference between original jpeg image and optimizer image like last Modified date,image name,image type and size within our site without using any external tool.

Quality On Hand

You can easily choose the quality of your jpeg image according to your needs and get high quality compressed image within a seconds. My Jpeg Image Compressor guarantees the quality of the image compressed.

How to Optimize jpeg Image?

How to Compress Image
  1. Select The jpeg Image that you want to compress on the JPEG Optimizer. Select JPEG Photo to start compressing / optimizing
  2. Easily switch the quality in real time to have great Jpeg compressing experience. Select the quality from 0 to 1 according the quality you need as compressed Photo.
  3. You can see all the details like type, name, size of your Jpeg image. This is how it is best JPEG optimizing tool.
  4. You can compare between your original and compressed jpeg image. Compare your Jpeg image and if your satisfy with output image then download compressed image with one click.
  5. Thank you for using myimagecompressor.com to compress your photo at best quality. Comeback agin to Optimize your Jpeg image.